Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology (In a Nutshell)

  • Endeavour to get players/athletes performing at their optimum level.
  • Its objective is to teach skills through applying the manner in which sports person thinks.
  • Works on a person’s cognitive skills; helps them make a decision that benefits them.
  • It’s not all related for sports people that are going through adversity.
  • Both the mind and the body are meant to improve through applying sports psychology. Coleman Griffith invented sports psychology in 1925; Griffith will always be remembered and referred to as; THE FATHER OF SPORT PSYCHOLOGY.

Sport Psychology- Benefits

Sport Psychology- Negatives

  • Focus too much on analysing the negatives in order to obtain perfection.
  • It’s important to get a balance between over thinking as a sports person and not overthinking your job.
  • Too much sports psychology could set an athlete back.
  • It decreases the opportunity of the given person being authentic, as it can make a sports person contrived and to over confident or the antithesis.

Sport Psychology (Final Thoughts)

  • Despite the chance of regressing through over analysis, ultimately, it’s a good thing for a person to work on improving.
  • An athlete/sports person, only needs one breakthrough to be what’s deemed successful.
  • It focuses on the processes and working on every aspect of yourself.
  • It’s a gamble that should be taken, because there’s an opportunity of getting better as a person and as an athlete in the sporting industry.
  • To sum it all up, you can take out of it what you want to.

One thought on “Sport Psychology”

  1. The last comment I get but your thought process is good.
    The ultimate aim in this is making you, the sportsman a better person and overall having a better nature of understanding of others

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