Football Player

Football Player (In a Nutshell)

  • Football is a team sport; do what’s best for the team. A football player must be selfless and have a team first attitude.
  • Have the skills that are needed to play the game. For example, a goalkeeper needs to be agile and have good distribution skills and a striker should score goals.
  • A player must have an optimum level of humility and belief to play their given role within the team.
  • Never take anything for granted; a football player is only as good as their last game.

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Football Team

Football Team- What it consists of?

  • The name of the team.
  • The owner and board that the team is made up of.
  • The people that normally do the recruiting, assist with team selection; football director and the Coach.
  • There’s the Coaching staff that’s made up of the Coach and their assistants.
  • At the end of the day the Coach is the person that gets the accolades/blame.
  • A football team can’t exist financially without fans.
  • Players are essential.
  • Everyone needs to continue to evolve; technology is now an important part of football.

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AFL Round 9 Preview (Season 2020)

My Predictions- AFL Round 9, Season 2020 (Predicted winner for each game in Brackets)

(Western Bulldogs) v Richmond
(Melbourne Demons) v Port Adelaide
(Carlton) v Hawthorn
(Essendon) v Brisbane
(North Melbourne) v Adelaide Crows
(St Kilda) v Sydney Swans
(West Coast) v Geelong
(Gold Coast) v GWS
(Fremantle) v Collingwood

My choice of a definite winner for this Round: Western Bulldogs v Richmond (Western Bulldogs)

Toughest game to pick a winner in: Gold Coast v GWS (Gold Coast)

All of the key matchups were formulated based on the team tips for Round 9 on the foxsports website.

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