Sports Gambling (Keep it Simple)

Sports Gambling (Enjoyment- Not Beyond One’s Needs)

  • Theoretically speaking you can enjoy gambling the same as you do when you have a flutter.
  • You don’t need to bet big to enjoy sports gambling.

Sports Gambling; Who Would have thought?

Sports can be Unpredictable 

Substitute for Gambling; Tipping and Fantasy Sports 

Sports Gambling (In a Nutshell)

  • You can only lose the money that you are willing to!
  • A passion for sports gambling doesn’t make you a problem gambler. You can get the same form of fun from a free tipping/fantasy competition as from betting big!
  • Ultimately, it’s up to you; it’s safer to put the minimum amount on Leicester City winning the title at 5000/1 as it is to outlay a large amount on a big team with low odds!

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