Sports Marketing (Keep it Simple)

Sports Marketing; What does it Entail?

  • Promotion of the sporting industry as a product.
  • Tries to make an athlete and sport into a brand.
  • Sports has become a business.
  • From the players, who are a product, to the fans who are consumers.
  • Marketers and merchandise companies endeavour to manipulate consumers loyal to the brand. That brand is being advertised and to make consumers display ‘brand loyalty.’ That’s in regards to purchase and consumption of their product.

Sports Marketing- Positives 

  • Through promotional events fans can interact with athletes.
  • Technology has meant that sport can be accessible to every conceivable socioeconomic background.
  • Sport has become commercialised
  • Sports fans range from people watching from the comfort of their own home to fanatics.
  • People are closer together in one sense from social media marketing.
  • Logos on team jerseys help promote the Companies sponsoring.

Sports Marketing- Negatives

  • The people that run the sport need to be in it for the right reasons.
  • If a brand fails to resonate with enough people it gets lost.
  • Sports marketing effectively depends of the needs of consumers.
  • Too generalised as the views of the masses can prevent the sporting industry being true to itself.
  • The role of the traditional sports marketing is forever changing.
  • Social media is a free form of marketing sports, which seems good on paper, but people can lack authenticity and bully other sporting people/organizations.

Sports Marketing (In a Nutshell)

  • Sport is an amazing product.
  • On the surface it appears that sport doesn’t require marketing money.
  • In the current economic climate, everyone in society should take a pay cut.
  • Social media should be more scrutinised.
  • When marketing sports, the mental health of the players being the product should be paramount.
  • Positive news/perceptions are the biggest marketing tool you could have.
  • The best marketing you can have is through inspiring characters; Sport can help people rise above anything, as proven by Nelson Mandela.

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