My Top 50 Songs to Exercise to (20-11)

20- The Script- If You Ever Come Back

This song gives me hope when I am feeling isolated or encountering any adversity and challenges.

19- Oasis- Live Forever

Had to have at least 1 Oasis song in my top 20 songs to exercise to as they are an outstanding band and try and keep their songs upbeat, which is what you need to listen to, while exercising.

18- Oasis- Roll With It

This song is a quality song as it helps me rise above the ignorance, injustice and hypocrisy within society and use the negative parts of my life as motivation.

17- Foster the People- Call it What you Want

This song is an extremely upbeat and helps me go with the flow so to speak. It’s a fantastic song that assists me in keeping fit.

16- Evermore- Running

This song helps me push past the pain barrier and run when I feel like winding down!

15- The Calling- Wherever You Will Go

This song is a fun one to exercise to; it keeps me continue my exercise when my body is telling me that its exhausted!

14- The All-American Rejects- Gives You Hell

This song may be perceived of slightly negative, but not as far as motivating you to exercise. In effect it could be misconstrued on focusing on negatives when it helps me rise above the negatives in my life.

13- Clean Bandit- Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)

This is an upbeat song that helps you focus on the good things in life; it helps me believe in myself with regards to pushing past the pain barrier when exercising

12- of Monsters and Men- Little Talks

This is a song with plenty of meaning; it’s yet another song that inspires me and motivates me to stay fit and keep on exercising!

11- Stereophonics- Maybe Tomorrow (Decade In The Sun Version)

This is an incredible song; although it’s not entirely upbeat, beneath the surface it’s extremely motivating as it’s a song that is inspiring as far as continuing to exercise is concerned.

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