There was Plenty of Talking Points and Action to Report on in Game Week 32 of the Premier League!

Premier League Game Week 32 My Review (Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool)

It was intriguing Game Week 32 of the Premier League with Manchester United and Chelsea both featuring in 2 games each so there was a total of 5 games to report on. The Premier League title winner and the top 4 race still hangs in the balance so there every game in Game Week 32 was important.

Manchester United v Watford My Review

Manchester United needed to win this game to stay in touch with the top 4. The possession statistics were nearly even, which indicates that neither team had the ascendancy as far as the balance of play was concerned. Watford had 8 shots on target to United’s 5. Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial both scored helping United to the 3 points on offer.

Wolverhampton Wanderers v Manchester United

The possession was fairly even, but Manchester United had 2 more shots on target than Wolverhampton Wanderers. Manchester United opened the scoring fairly early on in the contest, but still managed to lose the game 2-1.

 Cardiff City v Chelsea

Chelsea nearly tripled the amount of possession that they had in comparison to that of Cardiff City. Chelsea nearly lost a game that they were expected to win, with Cardiff City taking the lead early in the second half. Chelsea did manage to score 2 late goals and claim all 3 points, but it should have been a more comfortable victory as Chelsea controlled the balance of play and had a total of 21 shots to Cardiff City’s 8.

Chelsea v Brighton


Chelsea had more than double the possession than that of Brighton and Chelsea managed to score 3 goals from their 4 shots on target, that pretty much sums up the game. Eden Hazard was given a start and it was no surprise he finished with a goal and an assist.

 Liverpool v Tottenham

This was an extremely even contest with 2 teams hungry for the 3 points on offer for different reasons, with Liverpool looking to stay in the title race and Tottenham wanting to ensure that they finish in the top 4. Neither side controlled the balance of play with the stats extremely even, which can be substantiated by the fact that Liverpool narrowly won the game 2-1 thanks to an own goal from a Tottenham player late in the match.

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