AFL Thursday Night Qualifying Final Preview

Crows v Giants My Preview

The Crows should bounce back at home against the Giants. Leaders Talia and Walker come back into the side and will benefit Adelaide’s chances of the ultimate success. Both teams have chosen to play with three tall forwards. Walker, Jenkins and Lynch for the Crows, whilst the Giants have Patton, Cameron and Lobb. Jenkins and Lobb will play as the second ruck options for their respective sides.

Although the Giants will miss Devon Smith through injury, the Crows will miss midfield maestro Rory Sloane. However, the loss of Sloane will give Richard Douglas an opportunity to show his class with the role of playing on the ball. From the Giants point of view, there is a chance for Matt de Boer to prove himself as a forward.

Jacobs against Mumford should make for an intriguing battle in the ruck. The Crouch brothers will play an integral part of the Crows chances in September. Brodie Smith and Rory Atkins could also be pivotal to Adelaide’s opportunity to ascertain success. As will Lachie Whitfield and Tom Scully for the Giants.

The Giants may lack run in the back half, going in with four tall defenders; Davis, Tomlinson, Wilson and Corr. While, the Crows will have run out of their backline, through the likes of Mackay and Brown. Both teams have about ten players capable of playing a role in the respective midfields. Rory Knight and Hugh Greenwood will add some options in the forward half with both having the ability to hit the scoreboard.

It appears that the Giants don’t have an option to go up against Mitch Mcgovern; there doesn’t seem to be a match up for him. The same goes for Charlie Cameron and Eddie Betts. Whilst for the Giants they will have to contend with Daniel Talia; probably the best one on one defender in the game. The home ground advantage should also play an instrumental role in the outcome of the game; it may give the Crows the ascendancy that they require.

Crows Game Changer: Richard Douglas

Giants Game Changer: Josh Kelly

My Prediction: Crows

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